Changelog: 2021-Mar 25

Hello again and welcome to the Synapse Changelog.

This is where you’ll find updates and changes that we’ve pushed to production.

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Please Note: Once finalized, additional items may be appended to this Changelog.

New Features

:ship: Disputes Tracking: Now you are able to get updates as dispute status changes. Dispute statuses will be located under extra.disputes_meta.dispute_status. To learn more about all possible dispute statuses please go to Possible dispute_status Values. We have also added additional fields to the disputes meta object. To learn more about them, go to Dispute Meta Fields for Card Transactions.

:ship: Updates to Pan Entry Mode on Card Issuance Transactions: Originally all card transactions made via a digital wallet would have pan_entry_mode equals to TOKEN. Based on popular demand, now we will be separating this possibility into four categories: TOKEN, APPLE_PAY, GOOGLE_PAY and SAMSUNG_PAY. To learn more about all possible pan entry mode values, go to Possible Pan Entry Mode Values.

:ship: External Funding for Crypto Wallets ₿: Now you can fund Crypto Wallets from external exchanges as well. To enable this, go to View Crypto Wallet, and use the wallet’s deposit address under info.deposit_addresses.BTC or info.deposit_addresses.ETH to fund the wallet with the appropriate blockchains. Currently Bitcoin, DAI and Ether are accepted. The transaction will come in as an EXTERNAL-US transaction, with the additional Crypto Meta Fields. As a reminder, you can also transfer coins to other exchanges using SRN Transfers.

:ship: Extending Same Day ACH Deadlines: Same Day ACH transactions to be submitted to the ACH Network for an additional two hours every business day. Changing the new deadline to 11:00 AM PST. To learn more about our ACH Deadlines, go to ACH Cutoff Times.

Fixes & Improvements

:bug: Improvements to RPPS: Following improvements have been made to RPPS:

  1. You can now view the biller name in the RPPS-US node object.
  2. View Biller API call search is now more accurate.
  3. Squashed some :bug::beetle: that were leading to 500s on View Billers API Call.
  4. View Biller API call now has page_count, page and some other standardized response fields. Go to View Billers to learn more.

:beetle: Idempotency: We fixed an idempotency bug that was not raised if the object_creation took longer than expected.

Depreciation Reminders

:alarm_clock: Card Shipping: Starting Monday, March 29, 2021, we will stop posting the <SUBNET_ID> sent for shipping comment on node timelines when a card is shipped. This behavior is being deprecated in favor of the View Card Shipment API.