Changelog: 2021-Jan-22

Welcome to the Synapse Changelog. This is where you’ll find updates and changes that we’ve pushed to production :white_check_mark: and to sandbox :beach_umbrella:.

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Please Note: Once finalized, additional items may be appended to this Changelog.

New Features

:white_check_mark: Dashboard: Shipped many more fixes to the Dashboard to bring it closer to GA.
:white_check_mark: Locked User Repayment: Adds a feature to temporarily unlock users who have received disbursements from platform reserves to facilitate repayment to the platform’s account.


:white_check_mark: Improved Idempotency Logic: Adds improved methodology for logging and reviewing idempotent requests. Rare cases when communication internally timed out is now properly logged and will prevent duplicate API transactions.
:white_check_mark: Cancel Subnet Shipment: There is a new endpoint to cancel the shipment of cards. Visit our API Docs to learn more.
:white_check_mark: New Processing Schedule: Batching is now broken into 4 categories (times in UTC): Sameday 13:15, 15:15, 17:15, Midday 19:15, End-of-Day 07:15, and Next Day 21:15, 00:15 for transaction processing.