Changelog: 2021-Feb-2

Critical Updates
:white_check_mark: Beginning February 18, 2021, disputes will no longer be accepted through the Zendesk Help Center, but will be accepted via API. Please see our API docs to learn more about submitting disputes via API.
:white_check_mark: Per our existing policy, if an end-user fails to provide adequate documentation related to enhanced due diligence requests, the account will be closed automatically after 14 days. We will be enabling the automatic closure component of the policy beginning February 15, 2021. To learn more please visit our API docs. Please note, this will also be effective retroactively, meaning users that have an account_closure_date prior to February 15, 2021, will be closed on the effective date.

Fixes and Improvements
:white_check_mark: Dashboard: We shipped many more fixes to the Dashboard to bring it closer to GA.
:white_check_mark: ID Verification: We will automatically invalidate all expired documents except passports and documents from the following states: AZ, OR, FL, WA, OK, PR due to low accuracy. Passports and documents from those states will be reviewed manually in the background.