Changelog: 2020-Sep-28

Please Note: Additional items may be appended to this Changelog in the near future once finalized.

Pushed to production :white_check_mark:, Pushed to Sandbox :beach_umbrella:.

Critical Updates

  • :white_check_mark: Physical Document Verification (Video Auth): We now provide a new invalid reason code for Video Auth submissions without audio. If there is no audio in the video, the Video Auth submission will be marked as SUBMITTED|INVALID with reason code of audio_undetected.

    • Previously a submission may have returned with a different reason code (e.g. with the audio_comparison_failed security flag since a submission without audio would not contain the spoken phrase “I authorize account opening with [Platform Name]”), but this new reason code should more accurately reflect why a Video Auth submission was rejected.
  • :white_check_mark: Transactions (Create Bulk Transactions Request Endpoint): We now provide a new Create Bulk Transactions API endpoint to allow submission of a list of transactions from the same sending node.

  • :white_check_mark: Wires (International Wires): Reverted previous change that returned error code for international wires with CL, CO, IN, and SG country codes when the request was missing bank_code.

    • Instead of being a required field for international wires with these country codes, bank_code is now a recommended field. Refer to Link Wire Account (International) for more details.
  • :white_check_mark: Loans (Fees): Added loan disbursement and loan repayment fees (e.g. to charge $0.01 fee for loan disbursements and $0.01 fee for regular loan repayment via auto-pay) that should reflect pricing defined in Platform Spec Sheet for supported transaction flows to or from LOAN-US nodes. [Note: Corrected 2020-Sep-30]

    • Similar fees will also be charged for advance disbursements and advance repayments that should reflect pricing in Platform Spec Sheet for supported transaction flows to or from REPAY-US nodes.

New Features

  • :white_check_mark: Physical Document Verification (Face Similarity Search): Face Similarity Search (FSS) is now implemented for ID Verification (IDV).

    • FSS is a face search engine that will find duplicate users by comparing faces provided in users’ documents (e.g. submitted government IDs).
    • FSS can identify both duplicate users who create multiple accounts under the same platform and users who submit documents that match documents submitted by locked users across platforms.
    • This is currently a background monitoring process and will not immediately affect user permissions.
      • If faces detected on submitted documents for two separate users are initially labeled as “similar” by the FSS model, the manual review process will be conducted in the background and document status will not be flagged as SUBMITTED|REVIEWING.
      • However, users determined to be duplicates will be either CLOSED or LOCKED as appropriate.
  • :white_check_mark: Remote Deposit Capture (Date Verification): We have added date verification for checks submitted by RDC. The updated RDC model extracts dates from check images and rejects submitted checks that are more than 180 days old.

  • :white_check_mark: Remote Deposit Capture (Voided Check Detection): Retrained our RDC model to detect and reject voided checks (i.e. by assigning a confidence value for the likelihood that a submitted check image was previously voided).

  • :white_check_mark: Native Card Issuance (View Card Shipment Endpoint): Added new View Card Shipment API endpoint to retrieve current shipping / tracking information for Native Synapse Cards in transit (i.e. to check shipping status after performing the Ship Card API call).

    • This endpoint is still being tested and finalized, so it will temporarily have a “Feature in Future Release” banner on the API Ref page, along with notes about field names that are expected to change in the near future.
    • We do not yet recommend using this endpoint for logic that will affect cards in production, though we are providing it now to allow for initial testing. Once changes are finalized, the API Ref page should be updated to indicate that the feature is in Open Beta (likely within the next week).
  • :white_check_mark: Card Processing (Chargeback Disputes): To improve the chargeback dispute process, we have added a new Dispute Chargeback API endpoint.

    • This process only applies for card processing (INTERCHANGE-US) transactions returned within the last 14 days with the IR999 response code. Additional details (including all requirements) are listed on the Chargeback Disputes page in Synapse Docs.
    • Note: You can see if a previous chargeback dispute has been submitted for a transaction by checking to see if the transaction object’s extra.other.chargeback_disputed boolean has been set to true.


  • :white_check_mark: Duplicate User Detection (Automatic Closure Logic): Improvements to Duplicate user detection logic and associated automatic account closure behavior has been updated.

    • Previously, priority was given to the user account with the most recent transaction date, followed by the user account with the latest node creation date, and finally followed by the user account with the most recent user creation date. This priority order has been retained, but weights have been added for each date type so cases where these dates may be close to one another will align with the priority order rather than only by the date (e.g. in the case where latest transaction date is a day after latest user creation date, the user account with the latest transaction date will now remain open due to new weighting structure).
    • Automatic account closure logic has also been updated to prevent closure of accounts with a balance (unless the Swap Duplicate User call is used). This means that users should remain open if they have a negative consolidated loan balance or a positive consolidated deposit balance. Additionally, related logic will automatically close paid off loans.
  • :beach_umbrella: Physical Document Verification (Video Auth): Improvements made to automatic validation for Video Auth, including aligning status with previously submitted government ID (GOVT_ID).


  • :white_check_mark: Client Dashboard (Onboarding): Fixed issue that would lead to unexpected crashes of Dashboard when selecting “Edit Financial Information” due to missing API properties.

  • :white_check_mark: Client Dashboard (Onboarding): Fixed issue that prevented manual entry of Beneficial Owner addresses (i.e. issue with submission of Beneficial Owner information due to forced use of auto-complete values for addresses).