Changelog: 2020-Nov-10

The Synapse Changelog is happy to be back after one week off.

This is where you’ll find the latest updates on the changes that we’ve pushed to production :white_check_mark: and to sandbox :beach_umbrella:, and we’ve been busy!

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Please Note: Once finalized, additional items may be appended to this Changelog.

New Features
:white_check_mark: Video Auth: Video Auth now supports all widely accepted video formats - MOV, MP4, WEBM, M4A, 3GP, AVI.
:white_check_mark: Dashboard (Node Details): Added the ability to view card shipping address inside the card information.

:white_check_mark: Video Auth: Better Audio Verification module in User Validation reduces the Manual Review queue resulting in faster validation.
:white_check_mark: View Shipping Info (Cards): Added carrier information to view shipping info call.

:white_check_mark: Name and Phone Validator Improvements: More characters have been added to our regex patterns to better catch edge cases with some phone number entries. Additionally, our name validator service has been improved to better detect businesses with very short names.
:white_check_mark: Dashboard: Shipped many more fixes to the Dashboard to bring it closer to GA.