Changelog: 2020-Mar-02

Please Note: Additional items have been appended to this Changelog post-publication.

Pushed to production :white_check_mark:, Pushed to Sandbox :beach_umbrella:.

Critical Updates

  • :white_check_mark: Returns (Return Fees): Synapse has adjusted return fees charged to Platforms for several types of returns. This is done in an effort to standardize offerings across platforms. Please keep in mind that Platforms will still be expected to remain within return rate thresholds set for various payment types. These changes are expected to go live on March 16th.

    • ACH Returns

      • $5 per unauthorized return regardless of transaction volume (i.e. platform will be required to pay for every unauthorized return)

      • Regular ACH Return Fees will depend on transaction volume

        • First 10,000 monthly successful ACH payments:
          • $0.50 per regular ACH return
        • Between 10,000 and 100,000 monthly successful ACH payments:
          • $0.30 per regular ACH return
        • After 100,000 monthly successful ACH payments:
          • $0.03 per regular ACH return
      • Platforms will not be charged for regular returns if they remain under a free returns threshold of a total of 150 ACH Returns (i.e. Platform will be charged on 151st ACH Return), though this threshold is subject to change.

    • RDC Returns

      • $5.00 per unauthorized RDC return
        • Applies to these RDC Return Codes:
          R07, R08, R10, R29, CHR04, CHR05, CHR06, CHR14, CHR17, CHR24, CHR25, CHR26
      • $1.00 per regular RDC return
        [Previously posted in a combined total with ACH. Amended on 2020-May-26]
    • Interchange Returns

      • $15.00 per unauthorized interchange return regardless of transaction volume (i.e. platform will be required to pay for every unauthorized return).
      • $0.09 per Card Failure
      • Platforms will not be charged for regular returns (i.e. card failures) if they remain under a free returns threshold of 50 returns (i.e. Platform will be charged on 51st return), though this threshold is subject to change.
    • Wire Returns

      • $5.00 per Domestic Wire Return
      • $55.00 per International Wire Return
    • Please note that these fees will be extracted from the Platform fee node as they occur (i.e. individually as opposed to in batches). This means that any unauthorized return fee will be charged immediately whenever it occurs, while regular returns will be charged only once a Platform has exceeded the free returns threshold for that return type.

    • Synapse reserves the right to charge the fees defined in your MSA at any moment. [Note: Added 2020-Mar-19]

  • :white_check_mark: Bank Logins (Chatbot Bank Logins): Major banks in the US are clamping down on traditional approaches to aggregation (e.g. screen-scraping) and instead launching their own secure frameworks to allow access to their customersโ€™ bank account data. Synapse has begun establishing direct agreements with these major banks to allow Synapse customers and their end-users (who have accounts at these banks) to re-add their accounts via our Chatbot Bank Logins and continue service.

    • On April 30th, Platforms currently using our standard API-based Bank Logins or the Bank Logins UI will no longer be able to link to external Capital One and Wells Fargo bank accounts. Account linking with these two major banks will require transitioning to our Chatbot Bank Logins service.
      • Further, support for the older Bank Logins UI service is expected to end completely on April 30th as well, with affected Platforms encouraged to transition to Chatbot Bank Logins.
    • Platforms who continue use of the standard API-based Bank Logins should note that these methods will continue to work with other currently supported banks, but that coverage will decrease as more banks require adoption of this updated account linking model that only Chatbot Bank Logins provides. Capital One and Wells Fargo currently require this framework, but coverage for other bank providers (e.g. Bank of America) are similarly expected to change later this year (date TBD).
    • To clarify, platforms who wish to maintain coverage with all currently supported external bank providers should inquire with an Account Manager regarding adoption of Chatbot Bank Logins.
    • Refer to Chatbot Account Aggregation for more details.
  • :white_check_mark: Transactions (Wires): Updates have been made to standardized Wire Return Codes. The following codes have been updated or added to the list:

    • WR04 โ€“ Compliance Concerns - Additional Documents Required
    • WR05 โ€“ UTA - Country not allowed
    • WR08 โ€“ Name Mismatch
    • WR09 โ€“ Inactive account
    • WR10 โ€“ Invalid Account Number
    • WR11 โ€“ Duplicate Transaction
    • WR12 โ€“ Outside of Allowed Flow of Funds
    • WR13 โ€“ Return per ODFI Request - Recall Received

New Features

  • :white_check_mark: Data Enrichment (Transaction Classification): Our Data Enrichment service is now available in open beta. Platforms can use Merchant Profile IDs (Entity ID, Location ID, or Facilitator ID) and look up information in our Knowledge Repository using the View Merchant Profile and the Bulk View Merchant Profiles API calls.

    • Reminder: Enriched profile information returned with native card transactions has been renamed from the knowledge object to the enriched_info object.
    • The paths for the View Merchant Profile and Bulk View Merchant Profile endpoints containing /v3.1/profile have been changed to /v3.1/enrich/ and /v3.1/enrich/bulk, respectively.
    • Refer to Enrichment for more details.
  • :white_check_mark: Statements (Statements Generation): New statements will include the type field to help differentiate the type of statement (e.g. 1099_INT_2019, DEC_2019_STATEMENT).

    • Please note that when using the View Statements API old statements will not have the type field.


  • :white_check_mark: Client Dashboard (1099-INT Forms): 1099-INT Form statements can be found by year (1099_INT_{insert year}) and separated from the list of statements.

  • :white_check_mark: Cards (Card Profile Validation): An update has been pushed to largely resolve cases where a specified card style (card_style_id) was not valid for the corresponding natively issued card.

    • Please note that you can tell if the new card is a natively issued card within the account_class field in the JSON response.
      • If the response is "CARD" then it is a Mastercard on our new processor.
      • If an invalid card style is specified for the given card, then the response will include a new error (unknown_card_style_id).
  • Refer to the Create Card API call for more details.

  • :white_check_mark: Client Dashboard (Permission Code): An optional userโ€™s note has been added to Change Permission (permission_code) under Basic Info / Documents.

    • Export Transactions now has a Note option that exports the extra.note value.
    • permission_code and extra.note will display on the end userโ€™s detail page to help clarify the reason why a user was set to CLOSED or LOCKED.


  • :white_check_mark: Client Dashboard (Transactions): Fixed an issue where the Create Transaction Form was getting stuck (e.g. when signing in as the User under Transactions).