Changelog: 2020-Feb-03

Please Note: Additional items have been appended to this Changelog post-publication.

Pushed to production :white_check_mark:, Pushed to Sandbox :beach_umbrella:.

Critical Updates

  • :white_check_mark: Native Card Issuance (Automatic Billing Updater): The Automatic Billing Updater, or “ABU” (abu_token), feature is now available for users of platforms who offer a Premium tier for natively issued cards.

    • Acquiring banks can be automatically notified when the Personal Account Number (PAN) and expiration date have been updated for a user, so long as the new card is issued to the same account that the old card was issued to.
      • Please note that this is compatible with Mastercard Data Enablement Services (MDES) and should work for tokens (e.g. Apple Pay tokens).
    • If ABU is enabled, and a new card is issued, the updated information will be reported back to merchants (e.g. Netflix, Amazon) with the new PAN, expiration date, and reason for the update.
    • If a platform wants to enable ABU for their Premium tier cardholders, the platform controls will be changed by Synapse to card_preferences.enable_abu: true.
      • Please note that additional actions on the part of platforms shouldn’t be needed with respect to this new feature, though platforms should understand that abu_token will be included in card details for relevant Premium tier cardholders when the card has automatic billing set up.
  • :white_check_mark: Webhooks (Date): Webhooks subscription updates (webhook_meta) now include the webhook creation date ($date).

  • :white_check_mark: Card Issuance (Dispute Transaction): When a user files a transaction dispute, provisional credit will now settle 1 business day for existing users. Previously provisional credit would settle after 5 business days for existing users.

    • Please note that provisional credit will still be issued to new users within 15 business days by default.
    • Refer to Provisional Credit for more details.
  • :beach_with_umbrella: KYC (ID Verification): Additional changes and refinements are still being performed for ID Verification Reason Codes.

    • Logic and reason codes mentioned in the previous Changelog: 2020-Jan-06 are currently visible to Synapse Admins via our Dashboard but have not yet been made visible to platforms.
    • These changes are expected to be pushed through to be fully visible for platforms in the near future.


  • :white_check_mark: Native Card Issuance (Terminal ID): Transaction information now includes Terminal ID (meta.terminal_id) as a unique identifier of the terminal where the transaction has taken place.

  • :white_check_mark: Native Card Issuance (Status Notes): Transaction Status Notes have been updated to include full_reversal|merchant_cancellation under transactions with a status of RETURNED. This happens when the merchant decides not to complete the transaction even though it was approved by Synapse (e.g. the transaction was approved, but the address verification service / AVS didn’t match, so the merchant cancelled and reversed).