API version

Hi there,

Just starting our Synapse API implementation, unclear which version of the API to use. Our spec sheet mentions “API Version: V3.1 // KYC 3.0”. Should we be using 3.1.1? The 3.1.1 docs look better.

Also, if the answer is 3.1.1 then I dont see an easy way to have the Python wrapper use it.


Hey Sorin,

Like your other recent post, this is a general troubleshooting question that is off-topic for our Technical Discussion Board. Please refer to About the Technical Discussions Category for more information about keeping submissions on-topic.

The “v3.1.1” you see referenced on our Docs site is referring to the a new version of the Docs that we are about to launch, rather than a different version of our actual API. When released, the new Docs version will still detail how to use the latest version of the API (i.e. API V3.1).

– TJ, Knowledge Manager @ Synapse