ACH Transfers


My project spec includes a feature where a user will be able to transfer funds from their assigned IC-DEPOSIT-US node to an external bank account via ACH by providing an account and routing number. I have a few questions on implementing this.

  1. The Verify Micro Deposits documentation states that “Micro-deposits are automatically initiated when a bank account is linked with Account/Routing, assuming the user’s KYC is complete”. Is it possible to disable this? ACH nodes created by my application should just have ‘CREDIT’ permissions by design so we won’t be verifying micro-deposits. Micro-deposits will likely just cause confusion, especially in cases where the user may be making an ACH transfer to an external account that is not their own.

  2. The Create ACH Transaction documentation references endpoint POST /v3.1/users/user_id/nodes/node_id. I have been using the create transaction endpoint POST /v3.1/users/user_id/nodes/node_id/trans for ACH transactions (just noticed the discrepancy) in the sandbox environment and it appears to be working as intended. Assuming this is not a typo in the documentation, should I be using one endpoint over the other for creating ACH transactions?

  3. In my sandbox testing, I’ve found that the amount for an ACH transaction does not deduct from the sending node’s balance until the transaction has settled. Does Synapse provide some sort interface to determine a node’s ‘spendable’ balance or is it expected that the platform will keep a tab of pending transactions to determine this? Assuming the later, my application will also allow a user to debit from their IC-DEPOSIT-US node balance via a native issued debit card which I have not yet been able to test in the sandbox environment. Do debit transactions from a native issued card have an immediate effect on node balance?

I appreciate the support!