About the Technical Discussions Category


This board is meant to serve as a place for in-depth technical discussions about Synapse’s currently available core offerings. This is not the proper place to seek out troubleshooting advice on using our APIs, to request new features, to report bugs, or to discuss Synapse offerings still in alpha status. Note: technical discussions about offerings in beta status are generally encouraged, but may be subject to moderation. See examples of “on-topic” and “off-topic” questions below. Questions that are already directly addressed in our existing documentation or that violate the expectations outlined above will be closed.

Please note that this is a public discussion board.
As such:

  • Do not provide details from your production environment, or any other sensitive information (e.g. SSNs, Account/Routing Numbers, etc.).
  • Please do not compromise the integrity of your platform’s data by accidentally sharing API keys, OAuth keys, or similar.
  • If you provide code snippets, transaction IDs, or similar, they should only come from your sandbox environment.

Be as concise as possible, but include all relevant information, including Sandbox code snippets and test values (never use production information). Try to keep your question general so that other Platforms with a similar question can benefit from your answer.

Before Posting:

  • Please review our community guidelines, terms of service, and privacy policy here.
  • Please search our API User Guides, the API Reference Documentation, and this discussion board to check if your question has already been asked and answered.

We reserve the right to remove any question on this site, even if compliant with the requirements above and with site-wide rules.

Examples of on-topic questions:

  • What security steps does Synapse take to ensure the integrity of stored sensitive information?

  • What response times should I expect from the view user API call?

Example of off-topic questions:

  • Why is one of my transactions getting cancelled with a C10-High Risk Transaction?

    • This is a troubleshooting question.
  • Will [new product in development] be able to do [ X ]?

    • Off-topic because it is not related to our currently available products.
  • Can you develop this [new feature] for [existing product]?

    • Off-topic because it’s a feature request.
  • What is the API call to create a user?

    • Off-topic because, while it is a technical question, it is clearly covered in our documentation.
  • What KYC will I need to issue debit cards?

    • Off-topic because it’s not a technical question.

After Posting:

  • If the solution you receive from our assigned staff member sufficiently answers your question, please be sure to “check” off the provided reply to your post as a Solution to your technical question.